Saturday, 31 March 2012


Another effective way to use ozone is in the form of a minor autohemotherapy. This involves taking out a small amount blood is ozone-treated in such a manner as to fragment most virions without regard to preserving cellular elements.

This treated blood, injected intramuscularly, carries fragments of viral envelope and nucleic acids which find their way into the general circulation and to the immune network. The latter, if still relatively operational, begins to manufacture appropriate antibodies which in turn, serve to counter the evolution of the infection.

The interesting feature of this technique is that antibodies thus manufactured are individualized to the particular patient receiving the treatment, since they are derived from their own viral stock, In view of the high mutability of retroviruses, each patient carries a unique viral strain. Minor autohemotherapy can thus be conceptualized as a method of autovaccination providing a high degree of antibody specificity.

The minor autohemotherapy specifically stimulates the body’s second line of defense that is important in autoimmune diseases and long-time chronic illness.

After a period of time when the body needs to fight a long-term illness, the first line of defense becomes weakened. Ozone therapy, especially the minor autohemotherapy has the ability to reactivate the second line of defense, especially the natural killer cells.

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  1. I am trying to do minor hemotherapy but every time, I reinject the blood/ozone mixture it stops halfway and I cannot force the rest of the mixture out of the syringe. Im not sure if it is clotting or what.