Saturday, 31 March 2012


Hypertensive Disease
In hypertensia ozone therapy is used in a complex with hypertensive medicaments that improves a therapeutic effect. Medical ozone facilitates normalization of vascular-thrombocytic hemostasis that results in the regulation of membrane disturbances in hypertensia, optimization of haemodynamics and cardiac contractility, decrease in general peripheral vascular resistance and lipid peroxidation activity.
Recommended methods of ozone therapy:
·       Intravenous drop-by-drop infusions of ozonated saline solution;
·       Rectal ozone insufflations
Owing to the complementary use of ozone therapy, the patients showed disappearance of headache, giddiness, pain in the field of heart, stabilization of arterial pressure, removal of resistance to medicaments earlier than after standard treatment. The received results were achieved through improvement in the oxygen supply to kidneys, brain. The dynamics in the indices of hemostasis and fibrinolysis in patients with this pathology of blood was observed as follows: a decrease in the aggregability of thrombocytes, fibrinogen level, an increase in the fibrinolytic activity.

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